finance options at bathshed

finance for UP TO 36 months

Would you like to purchase your dream bathroom without having to pay all upfront? Bathshed now offer finance options on all of our stock which means you can purchase your dream bathroom today and pay the balance back at your own comfort. In partnership with Klanra, Bathshed can offer you a finance solution with the customer's best interest in mind.

How it works

Klarna's consumer finance is designed for today’s shoppers – giving them more ways to buy online in your store. Monthly financing enables your customers to pay over 6–36 months.

The credit application is done in 5 simple steps, and you can find out instantly whether you will be approved. Here is how you can receive a 0% finance payment plan for your bathroom.


1. Create an account on our site.

2. Create a basket with your bathroom items.

3. Contact a member of our team via email or telephone 028 8673 8065.

4. A member of our team will contact your and go through the necessary information regarding your credit application and price up your quotation.

5. Once everything has been verified, your order will be secured on a payment plan which best suits you.




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